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Welcome to CarswellConstruction

Hello to all who are interested in Carswell Construction as a potential builder in the fast growing county of Brevard. Carswell Construction has been working in Brevard County’s booming real estate and building industry for the past thirty years.

Building Homes & Relationships!

Our Customers are out friends, always! Our experienced Workforce have been with us for over 30 years, ensuring quality and satisfaction, always!

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Over 30 Years in Our Local Community!

Carswell Construction has been working in Brevard County’s booming real estate and building industry for the past thirty years. We are a local, family owned and operated establishment.

Satisfied Clients – Our Single Biggest Business Resource!

We have been involved locally for so long, our credibility and accomplishments precede us! We are amazing at what we do, we have hundreds of clients we can refer you to!

Our Services Include: New home building, home remodeling (including kitchens, bathrooms, swimming pools, landscaping, plumbing, electrical and permitting), Real Estate sales and advice, Mortgage assistance and Financing.

Quality: We treat your project like it’s our own
We work with you as a Team to spark your creativity as you inspire ours. We literally meet with you as needed and walk everything through for you. We are your ultimate Construction Concierge!
Honesty: We're open communication with our clients.
After 30 Years you can be assured of one thing, we all know what we are doing, no exception. Everyone you ever deal with representing Carswell Construction is ethical, highly trained and customer centric. YOUR VISION IS OURS!
Efficiency: We are not new to this business.
Meet Your Carswell Family: Harry (Licensed General Contractor & licensed Real Estate Broker), Scott (licensed Real Estate Associate &Head of Remodeling) and Nancy (Specialist in home finishes, lending, financing and customer relations.


With Carswell Construction, you are NEVER alone. We are known as the Construction Concierge! We will be with you every step of the way. You become a member of our team and we become a member of your Family. Our clients are our friends!

At Carswell Construction we believe that price, while very important, is only one part strongly constructed three fold chord of services. We have all heard: “You get what you pay for.” We abide by that principle.

We have weathered virtually every storm (Literal storms and financial storms) and we are still standing. In fact not only standing, we are excelling. We are absolutely here for you!

Please use out Contact Form and let us know your vision. We are here for you. Let’s fulfill YOUR dream TOGETHER!